winter garage makeover

Pick the Best Time to Schedule Your Garage Winter Makeover

Don’t wait until spring or summer. Take advantage of the winter weather to upgrade your garage.

You probably didn’t realize it, but the timing of your garage makeover has a big impact on the outcome. It might seem logical to schedule the work for warmer months, but it proves to be a lot more practical to get started during the colder months of December, January, or February. Why? Read on to find out, and act fast to take advantage of this ideal season.

Work on Your Garage When It’s Out of Commission

Most of the stuff you have in your garage you use primarily during the warmer months – lawn mowers, sporting goods, gardening supplies etc. You keep them in your garage because you want to have them close at hand when you need to use them. But during the winter they mostly just sit there. If you start your garage makeover when it’s cold you can move all this stuff to a basement or shed and not worry about having to pick through the clutter trying to find what you need.

Get Ready for Warm Weather Activities

This entry is closely related to the previous one. You probably don’t spend a lot of time in the garage during the winter, especially if it’s unheated. But once the warmer temperatures arrive you will be out there tinkering with your car, standing at your workbench, and moving things in and out on a weekly basis. Now is a great time to take on a garage winter makeover so that everything is ready by the time spring arrives. Once your garage is back in action it’s also better than ever.

Make Room for the Cars

The elements are hard on your car(s), but snow, ice, and freezing temperatures are a lot bigger problem than sun and rain. Just think of how much time you spend scraping ice off your windshield and waiting for your car to heat up. If you want to avoid these daily hassles the simple solution is to house your vehicle in your garage, but that may not be an option if the space is overflowing with stuff. Take steps now to add organization and reduce clutter and you will have no trouble parking vehicles inside.

Take Advantage of Wintertime Deals from Garage Designs

Lots of people don’t think about the benefits of a garage winter makeover, which means that not many of them get scheduled. That is a bonus for you, because you will likely find it easier for garage contractors to work around your schedule, and they may offer you discounts since the season is slow. Take advantage of our current special offers!


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