Keep Your Seasonal Items Organized

You Can Do That?

seasonal items organized

Santa has his own space.

Whether it’s winter or summer, organization is key.

Recently, a homeowner approached us with an unusual storage problem. She wanted to store her patio furniture in the garage, off the floor and out of sight. Wait, you can do that?

After much measuring and remeasuring, the Garage Designs team crafted a solution. Cabinets, the largest possible, were custom built to house the patio chairs and chaise lounges. When nested together, the chairs fit neatly into the cabinets – off the garage floor and out of sight!

With that mission accomplished, Garage Designs also built a custom cabinet to contain a very large Santa Claus display and another cabinet for storing scuba gear. You can do that?

seasonal items organized

Patio chairs put away for the winter.

Patio chairs put away for the winter

Well, yes! In fact, Garage Designs has created garage cabinets to store:

  • lawnmowers
  • bar-be-que pits
  • central vacuum systems
  • legions of shoes
  • christmas trees

Even if your storage problems are not out of the ordinary, Garage Designs will have a solution for you.

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