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With Americans spending more time at home than ever before, homeowners are looking at their garages as a way to add more floor space. 2020 is set to be the year that people invest in garage remodels. But garage organization storage is notoriously difficult to get right. Instead of wasting time and money attempting to do-it-yourself, get in touch with a garage storage company near you.

Read on to learn how to find and choose the right garage organization company that offers, garage storage, cabinets, and even garage flooring for your garage upgrade that you will absolutely love.

Why Use Garage Storage Companies In St Louis?

Garage storage companies offer a wide range of shelving options combined with installation services that make organization easy. You’ll finally have space to store everything from power tools to family photo albums safely.

They Customize A Plan To Your Needs

Garage storage professionals like Garage Designs Of  St Louis will first ask you about your organizational needs. They also have a local showroom where you can see samples.

They’ll listen to your plans for your garage, identify any obstacles with you, then list any challenges or concerns, take accurate measurements of the space, and then work with you to create personalized solutions to develop a plan just right for you. If you want to see examples of other clients’ work in your area, they’ll be happy to share them with you—all built around designing and creating the garage that will be the envy of your friends.

ONRAX Net storageThey Use Quality  Products

Every renovation project has a budget, but you still want to get the highest quality products within the price range you can afford.

Reputable garage storage companies stock name-brand storage solutions built of durable materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and heavy-duty plastics. Not only that, but they offer a wide range of innovative products. At Garage Design Of St Louis, we use top of the line storage systems and garage accessories, from ONRAX overhead racks and wall-mounted storeWALL that has endless possibilities to cabinets and Floorguard epoxy flooring.

The STL Garage Organization Gurus

Is your garage too cluttered to park your car inside? You’re among the more than 57 percent of Americans who have to keep their car on the driveway.

Garage storage companies have created more garage storage systems than you’ll ever see in your lifetime. They’re experts at getting a lot of stuff into garage space in the most organized way. And more importantly, they’re focused on getting everything onto the walls and the ceiling, leaving the floor free.

When you hire a garage storage company, you’re essentially hiring an expert professional organizer as well as contractors all rolled up in one. We got Perry DiCampo, the St Louis garage organizer guru.

What to Look for in Professional Garage Storage Companies

In 2019 alone, a whopping 108 million feet of garage storage space was installed in households across the USA. And garage storage companies were responsible for a good part of that number.

Looking for a professional in the St Louis area? Take your time to make sure that they can do everything that you want. It’s worth the effort to find the right man for the job, one that checks all the boxes that fit your needs.

Search St Louis or Near Me To Find Local

A local garage storage company will know what materials builders use to construct homes and garages in your area.

They’ll also know what kinds of hobbies and activities are popular.

Is your home nearby a lake or river? They know you’ll probably be storing watersports equipment in your garage. Do you live next to a wilderness park? Then they’ll know you’ll need space for camping or hiking gear.

Do the houses have large yards in your neighborhood? They’ll know where to store your gardening tools and a place to store things for the winter. Perhaps you live in the middle of the city where garages are small? Don’t worry; they got you covered!

If you’re embarking on a complicated garage renovation, Garage Designs Of St Louis are full-service contractors and know the laws and municipal permit requirements. They do it all from drywall to electrician.

If you have any issues with your storage system after an install, the issue can be handled in a flash. And best of all, if you hire a local business, your money is going right back into your local community.

Understand Where To Store Special Items

Some household items have unique storage requirements.

Power tools can be dangerous, especially if there are children in the home. Power tool storage needs to include options to hang tools on the wall (well out of reach of your kids). You’ll also need to be able to lock away your most expensive tools to reduce the risk of someone stealing them.

Garages can be dirty places, but it might be the only place in your house that you’re able to store those precious family heirlooms or the kid’s old school books. From lockable cabinets to Racor heavy-duty ceiling storage lifts that’s on pulleys so that it’s out of the way and you don’t need a ladder. Professional garage storage companies can help you devise ways to keep everything safe.

They’re As Excited As You Are About Your Garage

Estimates offer consumers a way to assess the level of service a garage storage installation company will provide.

A professional garage storage company will always be willing to provide you with an estimate. Not only that, they’ll offer you a clear plan of action as to what problems their solutions aim to solve, share ideas as to what kinds of storage they will install, and how long the installation will take.

You should always review a company’s website before asking for a quotation. And be sure to contact two or three companies in your area to compare prices and service offerings. Estimates are always free-of-charge at Garage Design Of St Louis.

Car LiftThey’re Not Just About Garage Shelving

Most garage storage companies offer services above and beyond your imagination.

Cabinets and worktables complement storage shelves to provide complete workstations for tool storage and completing carpentry, metalwork, or craft projects. Garage storage professionals will customize the cabinets to fit your space perfectly.

Make the most out of your space by creating an area you always want to be in with special flooring. If you’re converting your garage into a home gym, you’ll need flooring that is non-slip, heavy-duty, and absorbs impacts like RaceDeck garage flooring. Car enthusiasts who are working on their vehicles will require flooring with similar features. Add on a grease-proof surface, and you’ll be ready to go! And if you prefer epoxy flooring that’s is not only tough as nails, it looks super cool; we use Floorguard. That is simply awesome!

If you’re looking to get as much floor space out of your garage as possible, we can also slip in a car lift. If you choose this option, we will consult with you on how to safely use the car lift.

They Offer Follow-up and Product Warranties

It would be best if you always worked with a company that uses name-brand garage shelving and storage solution products.

This is because most well-known brands offer single- or multi-year warranties on their products. The presence of a warranties guarantees that the product is not only good quality but that it’s also supported with replacement or refund policies should something go wrong.

For instance, Garage Designs  RaceDeck garage flooring, which has a 15-year warranty. And the storeWALL garage shelving they use has a 10-year warranty.

Follow up after installation should always be a part of the full service provided by professional garage storage companies. Ask about this when getting your estimate.


Make the Most Out of Your New Garage Shelving

You found a few great garage storage companies in your area, narrowed it down to your preferred option, and had your brand new garage storage system installed. Now you need to make sure things keep functioning smoothly.

Reinforce the Intended Use of the Space

If you set up your garage storage to help you maintain your car or create beaded jewelry for your online business, don’t let it become a place to store the kids’ old toys. Keep everything tidy by having your stuff organized. Garage Designs will set you up with a plan to keep things organized; that way, you know where it all goes. Easy as 1-2-3.

Make a Plan to Keep It Clean

Whether you live alone or with your family, it’s worth sitting down and working out a plan to keep the clutter from taking over your garage once again.

Label cabinets, storage shelves, bins, and hooks so that everyone in the family knows where different items live. Block out half a day in your calendar every month to sort out anything that’s piled up in the garage. Create an area with sell, donate, and throw out boxes so you can quickly get rid of anything you don’t want anymore.

Look to Garage Designs to leave you all set up to keep your garage clean because we’re professional organizers. Need advice well, we will share what has worked best from experience. If the garage storage companies don’t offer this, then look no further.

Don’t Wait to Upgrade

Never be afraid to add more storage as you need it.

Is a shelf not working for you? Is a cabinet in the wrong place? Do you need more hooks or another worktable? Don’t hesitate to contact your installation specialist to ask how you can improve things.

And if your needs for the garage space have changed, plan a renovation.

Should You Do-It-Yourself?

Sure, you can DIY garage storage systems.

But often it can become way bigger than you expected. You spend so much time measuring out your space and drawing up plans that you give up before you even get a shelf on the wall. Not to mention the money wasted buying incorrect or inferior garage shelving products. That’s not even to mention that when you start moving things around, you realize, “where did I get all this stuff.” Garage storage companies make the whole process easy and affordable, and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Then BAM! You have your favorite place in the whole house.

If you’re in St. Louis, save yourself time and money. Contact Garage Designs for a free estimate so we can discuss your new garage storage system today and live life in the garage.


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