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Home builders put a lot of thought into functional space within a house. Unfortunately, many don’t allow enough or even any, room for practical laundry needs. Doing laundry is something every family has to do, and when space is inadequate or non-existent, it makes this regular chore even more burdensome.

A Converted Garage Design Every Homeowner Should Consider

If you’re in that situation, have you considered converting “extra” or unused space in your garage into a function laundry room? Ask yourself a few questions to see if your home is a candidate for this surprisingly simple redesign.

  • Do you have space? Chances are you do, or if you don’t now, you easily could by getting rid of some clutter. You won’t need much. A 6×6 space will work for side-by-side washer/dryer combos and about half that if you’re working with stackable models. Remember, you’re just building enough space to house the appliances, not to fold laundry or do ironing.
  • Does your garage have water lines? Water lines hookups are a must if you’re going to wash clothes. If you have them running in your garage walls and if you’ve got a water heater in your garage, then you’re in business. You’ll probably want to hire a plumber to make sure your connection is secure, but you have got the access you’ll need.
  • Can you hook up ventilation to the outside? If you’re going to set up along an exterior wall, then your solution is easy. But even if you’re going to locate your units along an inside wall, ventilation can be run to the outside through the drywall. It’s very important that you do this correctly and regularly check the outside vent for blockages as they can be the source of house fires when vents get clogged.
  • Do you have overhead space for cabinets? You’ll want to build some storage cabinets overhead, too, to house your detergents and other laundry supplies. Remember, you’re building this for added convenience, so you don’t want to have to run inside to get fabric softener or dryer sheets.
  • Can you do this yourself? If you’re not confident in your design or construction abilities, that’s okay. Considering calling your local garage design, contact us today. They’ll come out and assess your situation and give you an honest estimate of what you’ll need to complete it.

With Garage Designs, Your Possibilities Are Endless

Stop with the inconvenience of not having adequate space to do your laundry. Worse, stop paying to do it somewhere else if you don’t have any laundry space. Make your own by utilizing the ample space in your garage. You’ll never eliminate the need to do laundry, but you can make it less of a hassle for yourself.

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