DIY Garage Shelves

Contrary to popular belief, organizing your garage doesn’t have to be either an unsolvable puzzle or a renovation project that requires Bob Vila to supervise. Managing the small space that is your garage can certainly be a challenge, but thanks to DIY garage shelves by StoreWALL, it’s a project that anyone can complete.

How to Simplify Your Reorganization with DIY Garage Shelves

Sort What You Have

The biggest challenge in organizing any garage is deciding how to manage the floor space. Of course, cars should get the top priority there. After all, you’re not going to hang your car from a pegboard attached to the wall!

But many find after they’ve parked their car(s), there’s just not enough floor space left for other items like lawnmowers, bikes, tools and other equipment. And unless you’ve got a shed or an out-building, there’s really no place else to put them. So, you’re left with the difficult task of deciding what should go outside, the car or the stuff? If that’s your only choice, it’s really not that difficult. Most of that stuff would get ruined from the weather while the car can withstand it.

But doesn’t that take away from the purpose of having a garage? Sure it does. And it doesn’t have to come down to that choice. If you need more tips on organization, check out “Useful Tips for DIY Home Organization.”

Wise Use of Wall Space

Your garage probably has at least as much wall space available as it does floor space – yet that space often goes underutilized because many people either don’t know or can’t imagine how to use it.

The variety of shapes, sizes, and weights of our stuff makes using the wall space difficult. Sure, you can hang your garden tools and even your bikes. But how do you do that and use the space efficiently? And what about lawnmowers and other items that are too heavy to hang? And then there are those dozens of cans full of spare nuts, bolts and other parts you’ve collected over the years. And paint, don’t forget the extra paint. You can buy some wire shelving to store all that stuff, but then you’re back fighting the floor space battle again. It can seem like a never-ending puzzle!

Do You Need a Master Craftsman for DIY Garage Shelves?

A good system of garage shelving can solve a lot of those problems, but many are discouraged in pursuing that option because it’s too labor intensive. You have to plan out a system to hang your shelves since they have to have support from the studs in the wall. Then there’s going to the hardware store, picking out the right boards, cutting them to the right size, and making sure all your hardware will hold them in place once the weight is added. It can seem like a job for a professional carpenter.

That’s where StoreWALL products come in. They provide the perfect garage organization solution with a DIY installation that’s literally as easy as “1, 2, 3.”

  1. The first step is screwing the flat metal StoreWALL installation strips into the studs in your wall.
  2. Then you place the slotted StoreWALL panels onto the strips.
  3. Finally, you hang all your stuff…shovels, rakes, hooks that will hold bikes, baskets…you name it. All your stuff can easily fit using your available wall space. That leaves all that available floor space for your car(s), just like the designer of your home originally intended.

Learn from the Garage Shelving Experts

If you’d like to learn more about the amazing solutions StoreWALL has for you, contact us! We’d love to explore your garage storage solutionsproducts, and installation options available. Organizing your garage doesn’t have to be an impossible task – your garage can be used to actually protect your cars AND your stuff if you use your space the right way.


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