Garage Apartment for Modern Living in St. Louis

garage apartment

In most houses, the garage is a “throwaway space.” It’s a place to park the car(s) or quite literally stuff that we’ll probably soon throw away (if we can’t sell it at the garage sale!). That doesn’t have to be. With a small investment in materials and elbow grease, you can turn your garage into valuable living space.

3 Reasons to Turn Your Valuable Space into a Garage Apartment

Why should you consider it? Well, here are three very good reasons you might want to consider turning your garage into an apartment:

#1 Extra guest quarters. Many people struggle with having enough room to house their guests. That’s especially true when you have kids. Too often having houseguests means either they sleep on the couch or some other inferior sleeping arrangement or one or more of the kids gets displaced from their rooms. By turning your garage into an apartment space, you can create a little bed and breakfast for your house guests. Most garages, whether attached or detached, have enough space to create not only sleeping quarters, but a sitting area and maybe even a small kitchen and bathroom. Instead of having your guests tossing and turning on the couch, instead, they can enjoy a comfortable stay and not have to worry about being in the way sleeping in the living room.

#2 An in-law’s suite. More and more families are having to come up with housing solutions for aging parents. Senior living facilities can be pretty pricey, and don’t give mom or dad that “at home” feeling they enjoyed while living in their own house. Why not convert your garage into an apartment space they can call their own? Again, most garage spaces have plenty of space for all the amenities of a small apartment. With this arrangement, you can have the added comfort of knowing your aging parent is being personally cared for. And if you have kids, it can be nice to have grandma or grandpa right there if you want to go out for a date night with the spouse.

#3 A revenue-producing apartment. What if your garage stopped being a place where old stuff went to die and actually started bringing in some cash? That can be the case with a converted garage apartment. It’s ideal with a detached garage as your tenant can live in a totally separate structure. A little extra work, however, can create separate a separate entry/exit so that both you and your boarder can enjoy your privacy.

If you are on a time crunch, check out this post for quick and easy garage upgrades: “5 Garage Upgrades You Can Complete in a Weekend.”

Start Exploring Your Garage Apartment Options

Why continue having a big space in your home that adds no value? Consider turning your garage into an apartment space and maximize the value under your roof. Transforming your garage space first invloves getting ogranized with cabinets and storage solutions. Learn from the experts — download your copy of our free eBook, A Guide to Garage Organization and Improvement.

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