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Enjoy Family Fun in Your Garage Game Room

Make a major upgrade to your home using space you already have. Finding a way to bring the whole family together can be a major challenge. Everyone has busy schedules, and there are more distractions than ever keeping parents and kids separate. That is why a garage game room is such an exciting idea. This space provides fun for all, and it’s a relatively easy and affordable home renovation project compared to adding an addition or converting a basement.

If this sounds like the space your home and your family is missing, follow these steps to see the project through to completion:

Analyze the Space

First and foremost, you need to decide if a garage game room is actually a feasible idea. If you rely on your garage for cars and storage and no alternative is available, you won’t want to convert the space. Once the project has the green light, take measurements of the space, and start looking at the individual elements of the garage – door, windows, ceiling, floor, built-in elements, stains, odors, etc.

Clear Out the Area

The next step will be to clear the garage out completely. As you do this, separate the items that you want to keep, donate, and trash. There is probably more junk in your garage than you realize. Move the stuff you want to keep into a shed or basement, but keep in mind that with the right garage storage solutions in place you can build a fun and functional garage game room that can also handle your storage needs.

Clean Out the Area

After the garage is empty, clean it from top to bottom. You won’t want to get dust, dirt, and grime on whatever games and amenities you fill the space with. You should also look for anything that needs repaired and start to think about larger scale improvement projects. Since your garage game room will be a living space, you will want it to be climate controlled, well lit, painted, and have plenty of outlets.

Focus on the Fun

Once your space is ready to go, figure out exactly what you want to put in your garage game room. You could put in a pool or foosball table, make a space for board games, puzzles, and crafts, or install a large TV that is suitable for both video games and family movie nights. In addition to the games, think about seating and decorations. You want this to be an exciting space that encourages people to gather. Finally, think about putting in a fridge to keep snacks and drinks close at hand.

Specialize Your Garage Game Room

 A Guide to Garage Organization & ImprovementIf you want to ensure that your project is a complete and total success, work with a company that specializes in customized garage conversions. The team at Garage Designs can help you plan, execute, and perfect your project so that your new garage game room becomes the most exciting part of your home. Even if you’re not ready to get started today, request a free estimate to discover how easy and economical this project could be.

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