9 Garage Products to Modernize & Upgrade Your Small Garage Space

Garage Products

Every garage space is different, but every homeowner wants the same thing: maximum use of the space. That’s why Garage Designs of St. Louis offers so many quality garage organization products. We want to give you the exact right tools and equipment to fit your garage organization and storage needs.

At Garage Designs, we help you transform your garage space using any of these three types of storage and organizational equipment: flooring, overhead storage, and shelving and cabinets.

Quality Garage Products from Your St. Louis Garage Organization Company

Here’s a look at the high-quality garage products and brands our team at Garage Designs is proud to use in your space:

Garage Flooring Can Upscale Any Space

Garage floors get a workout. It’s important that your garage floor be both decorative AND durable. That’s our goal when we offer you these great flooring products:


Seal-Krete products protect and rejuvenate your garage floor. They protect against all kinds of weather as well as fluid and chemical drips and run-off. Seal-Krete helps you turn your garage into a showroom you can be proud of.


Flaking paint and unsightly cracks are things of the past with RaceDeck flooring. RaceDeck specializes in flooring tiles and is installed without glues or chemicals and the accompanying messes and toxic fumes. RaceDeck products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and offer you a wide variety of styles and textures to fit your garage flooring needs.

Make Your Garage Floor Be the Foundation For Your Design


Overhead Storage Makes Organization Easy

Using the space above your head is the key to any successful garage organization plan. Garage Designs offers a number of overhead items, giving you convenient access to your bikes, lawnmowers and other occasionally used equipment while freeing up valuable floor space and eliminating tripping hazards.

Garage Gator

This motorized lift system helps you reclaim your garage floor. It’s ideal for storing bikes, golf bags, ladders, and more. Additionally, Garage Gator offers elevated storage platforms for bigger equipment like lawnmowers and is a great way to store totes and storage bins, too. You can raise and lower the lift to easily grab what you need when you need it and then put it back up out of harm’s way.


Onrax offers both fixed and motorized overhead storage options in a variety of dimensions. Durability is what makes this brand stand apart from its competitors. Onrax guarantees your satisfaction 100% with a lifetime guarantee on every product.


Racor offers custom-designed hooks and storage tools for any tool or equipment you can imagine. Their unique designs give you the perfect tool for storing anything, from ladders to hand tools to sports equipment. They also offer durable “tornado hooks” to help you organize items you might store outdoors or in shed-like patio furniture and lawn equipment.


SafeRack literally forged its reputation providing commercial ramps, platforms, and other components. You won’t find better design and construction anywhere else. Safety is a major concern, especially when storing heavy items overhead. You can feel secure knowing your equipment is secure with SafeRack storage products.

Let’s Update Your Garage Storage

Garage Shelving and Custom Cabinets Give You the Room to Store Anything

Shelving storage solutions have come a long way since the days of hanging Formica-coated pressboards. The quality brands used by Garage Designs provide sturdy and dependable support in the form of hooks, shelves, and cabinets. We’re proud to offer these fine brands:

Organized Living

Organized living has been making quality storage products for nearly 100 years. They offer everything from hooks, baskets, and shelves to custom-designed workstations. The wide variety of products available from Organized Living will help you reclaim your garage.


If cycling is more than just an occasional hobby, overhead storage for your bikes can be inconvenient. SteadyRack offers a unique vertical storage solution for your bikes. With SteadyRack, there’s no heavy lifting or worries that your storage solution will damage your bike.


StoreWall is the complete garage organization system. Like other brands, StoreWall offers sturdy hooks, pins, and shelving. What makes them unique is their easy-to-install wall panels. With StoreWall, you won’t have to spend time searching for studs to secure your shelves. With their sturdy panels, literally, every inch of your garage wall space can be used for storage.

Ready to Get Organized?

What Kind of Garage Space Do You Have?

Garage Designs of St. Louis is unique because we believe every garage is unique. We won’t try to sell you some one-size-fits-all out-of-the-box storage solution. We’ll suggest organization options and use the above garage products to install the exact equipment you need to satisfy the needs of your space. Our Garage Designs team looks at garages not as “extra” rooms, but as valuable showplaces and work areas that add value to your home. That’s why we bring such care and individual attention to every project.

If you’d like to transform your garage from “extra” or “wasted” space into something you can be proud of, Garage Designs of St. Louis would love to help you. Check out our showroom and see some of the amazing projects we’ve already completed in and around the St. Louis area. Then take a look at some of the special deals we have going on right now. We know you’re going to want to contact us and schedule an appointment for your FREE estimate.

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