Quick and Clean Guide to Garage Spring Cleaning 

garage spring cleaning

With all of the rain, many are a little behind on their Spring cleaning checklist. If that’s you, and you’ve still got that biggest of cleaning tasks in front of you (cleaning out and organizing the garage), don’t worry, we have the right tips and tricks to get you organized for summer. 

Your Last-Minute Guide to Garage Spring Cleaning

Here are some basic tips to make that difficult and dirty job a little easier and take your garage from cluttered to clean in no time.

Divide and Conquer

If you’re looking at your garage right now, you might be seeing one giant mess and wondering, “Where do I start.” We suggest dividing your garage into sections. If you’ve got a single-car garage, you can probably divide it up into front and back. If your garage is bigger, you can go with four or more sections. Whatever the case, focus on cleaning and organizing one area at a time.

It’s best to start in the front so you can clear out enough space to work on the other sections. Sweep the floors as you open up space on the garage floor, and as you move things away from walls, inspect for any needed drywall patches or cobwebs that need to be swept out.

Piles Make Perfect

As you go through each section of your garage, start making piles to evaluate your items. Make one pile of “definitely keep,” a second pile of “pitch,” and a third pile of things “to give away or sell.”

This is the toughest part of cleaning the garage for most people. Be strong and resist your native “hoarder” instincts. If you haven’t used something in the last year, there’s a really good chance you won’t use it again this year. Those items definitely don’t go in the “keep” pile.

Then decide if it’s in good enough shape for somebody else to use. If it is, you can either give it away (to friends, family or Goodwill) or sell it at your next garage sale. If you’re honest in this evaluation process, you’ll make future garage spring cleanings much much easier on yourself.

Organize Every Section

After you’ve decided what stays and what goes and swept out a section of your garage, organize the stuff you’ve decide to keep. Put any items you won’t need right away (like Christmas decorations) on the bottom of any stacks or in the back. Keep the things you’ll need soon (gardening tools) closer to the front or on top.

It’s helpful if you’ve got the right equipment to hang tools or other items that can’t be stacked. You will find that quality shelving and organized cabinetry helps maximize floor space and eliminate clutter for good so that you won’t be back in this same situation next Spring.

Start Your Garage Spring Cleaning Before It’s Too Late

Our team, at Garage Designs of St. Louiscan help you with this process. We have the solution for all your garage storage and organization needs, and our garage experts help homeowners all over the St. Louis area turn their garages into the showcases they were intended to be.

Cleaning out your cluttered garage doesn’t have to be an annual rite of Spring. Contact Garage Designs today and have them come out and offer a free estimate.


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