5 Garage Upgrades You Can Complete in a Weekend

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Easy Garage Upgrades for Any Homeowner

Enjoy a better garage by Monday. Many homeowners assume that a garage upgrade takes a lot of time, money, and expertise. But the truth is that there are a lot of projects that any DIY enthusiast can complete in a day or two on a modest budget. And when the work is done, the garage is a much more functional and attractive space than it was before.

Here are 5 ideas to consider for an easy garage upgrades:

Upgrade #1: Add Storage

There are tons of easy ways that you can create space and reduce clutter in your garage simply by adding storage. Hooks and pegboard make it easy to get things off the ground. Taking advantage of your garage ceiling gives you room to store rarely used items. The options are limitless, and in most cases you need nothing more than a cordless drill and some hardware.

Upgrade #2: Install Insulation

Most garages are poorly insulated, and your house bleeds valuable HVAC through this bare space. That raises your utility bills and is part of why your garage feels so uninviting. Screwing some insulation onto the walls and ceiling creates a more effective thermal barrier. Over time, the money you save on heating and cooling pays for the cost of the project.

Upgrade #3: Simplify Parking

If your garage is mostly a place for parking, make it easier for yourself or others with a few quick upgrades. Figure out the optimal distance for you to pull your car into the garage. Then hang a tennis ball from a string so that it hits your windshield when you reach that exact spot. Another option is to cut pool noodles in half and screw them to the walls of the garage to avoid dings when you open your car doors.

Upgrade #4: Create a Mudroom

What better place to leave wet coats and muddy shoes than the garage? Clear out an area close to your entry door, and install some hooks, custom garage cabinets, matting or whatever else you may need. You’ll notice the difference the very next time it storms.

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Upgrade #5: Plan Big

Perhaps the garage upgrade you have in mind is going to take more than a few days and require a major overhaul of the space. Use this weekend to start preparing. Clear your garage out completely, and get rid of anything you no longer need/use. Clean out your garage space thoroughly, and organize what you intend to keep. It’s an important first step if you want to transform your garage into a completely different kind of space.

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