Expert Organizing Tips to Help You Declutter Your Garage and Home

Organizing Tips

Organizing the garage: the project that just seems to never end. Just when you think you’ve got a place for everything and everything in its place, you get more stuff. Or you start organizing things inside your house, and the items that don’t make the cut there go-you guessed it-to the garage.

Simple Organizing Tips for Your Garage Upgrade

So, how can you get a better handle on that perpetual clutter in your garage so you can actually spend more time enjoying the inside of your house? Even if your organizational skills are lacking, these five simple organizing tips will help you work toward a perfectly organized garage space.

Don’t Throw Away Cans

Old cans and containers are some of the best organizational tools you’ll find. Old pickle jars or condiment jars are great to hold a variety of different nuts, bolts, and other hardware. Empty snack food containers or 2-liter bottles work great to store lighter items like clothespins. Coffee cans are perfectly sized to hold smaller tools and single pieces of pipe or metal. And of course, empty paint cans make great resting places for your brushes when they’re not in use.

Use Magnetic Bars and Strips

You can purchase inexpensive magnetic strips with peel-off adhesive backing, or you can splurge a little and get magnetic bars designed to hold knives. Either way, these are easily applied to your garage walls and will hold a number of metallic items. Small tools like pliers and wrenches, scissors…you can even stick on empty soup cans to hold extra hardware.

If It’s Got Wheels, Give It Space

Have you thought about assigning parking places to all the things with wheels that go in your garage? Duct tape will do that for you. Of course, start with your cars. Put down the boundaries where your cars will go to ensure that you don’t invade that space with any other storage. Next make some places for your bikes, the lawnmower…anything that has wheels.

Get It off the Floor

Of course, the goal with any storage solution is to maximize the space available. The problem is most people only think in two-dimensional terms, utilizing only floor and wall space. But when you start to consider storing upward and utilizing all the area under the garage roof, the possibilities are endless!

How do you do that? Easy. It’s called shelving. As long as you account for the space where the garage doors go up and down, the rest of the overhead space in your garage is in play, especially for items that are only used seasonally like holiday decorations. Why take up valuable floor and wall space for items you only need to get to once a year?

Make Your Walls Work for You

Utilizing the wall space is another way to open up your garage floor. Unfortunately, most people waste this valuable space because they only work with the flat walls and the drywall that came with the house. When you install slatted wall panels, you open up spaces between the wall studs where you can hang almost anything: garden tools, ladders, exercise equipment, even more containers and shelves to help you free up floor space.

Organizing Tips Straight From the Experts

If you need help organizing your garage, our team at Garage Designs in St. Louis are ready to help. Simply put, they love garages! That love for helping people turn their garage into valuable home space shows in every project they do. Owner Perry DiCampo sums up this attitude:

“I have a passion for making a once worn-out garage into a functional, high-performance space that fits your needs and personality.”

If you live in the St. Louis metro area, contact us today and find out more from our team of experts. We are happy to explain all the different services and products we offer, from flooring to the shelving and slatted wall panels mentioned above. It’s time for you to stop working in your garage and make your garage work for you. Let our team help you find your garage organization solution, start with a free estimate:


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