Pegboard Alternative: Using StoreWALL to Upgrade Organization

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The functional decorating dilemma for every homeowner comes down to functionality and space versus aesthetics. How can I best utilize the space I have available in my home and create something that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Back in the day pegboards, we’re popping up in home garages, tool sheds, hardwood stores, and auto garages, but today there are pegboard alternatives. Introduce your space to StoreWALL Panels. 

Pegboards can offer solutions in every room of your house, but it’s StoreWALL that makes it a simple, organizational design you can rely on. It not only creates space by providing functional storage, it can transform your bare walls and cluttered floors into design masterpieces.

Rooms Needing a Pegboard Alternative Makeover & Serious Organization

Transform Your Laundry Room

Is there a room more uniformly under-sized in any house than the laundry room? It’s always like it’s a design afterthought. “Oh, no! We’ve already allotted space for living, cooking, sleeping, bathrooms, etc. We forgot to allow space for two huge appliances and to move while doing something everybody does several times a week!”

StoreWall can solve those laundry room space issues. First, laundry rooms are often a spot where the finish work might be somewhat less than quality when compared to the rest of the house. This storage solution can hide blemishes from bad or damaged drywall or even exposed pipes where the drywall wasn’t installed. It’s a great place to hang extra hangers, cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous space-eating items. Best of all, you can do it in a place that’s mostly out of sight to guests, so you don’t have to worry about hiding away any of those items.

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Organize Your Garage

I know, you’re saying, “Well, duh. Who doesn’t have a pegboard in their garage!” Right alongside WD-40 and duct tape, pegboard is a tried and true solution for every DIY homeowner. But we are starting to see more and more updates in garage storage solutions. That’s where StoreWALL comes in.

StoreWALL is a storage system that follows a unique tongue and groove design and wall-secure CamLok™ technology. This durable, water and termite-proof system allows you to open up your space and create a place for everything – even the heaviest of objects. StoreWALL offers a simple and easy to install solution for transforming your garage. Get your tools up off the floor so you can have enough room to pull in the car.

Looking For Garage Inspiration?

Pegboard Alternative

Garage Improvements in St. Louis   StoreWALL Solutions

Simplify Your Basement

Whether you have a completely furnished basement or an open concept, you can repurpose your space into a gym, laundry room, or even craft room. Adding StoreWALL systems, like wall panels, can provide you with the organization relief. If you’re into scrapbooking, collecting or another hobby that creates lots of space-eating materials and uses a lot of tools. The fun here is turning your storage solution into a craft itself! Decorate it and incorporate the place where you store your stuff into the creative theme of the room.

Create a Mudroom

Many houses have this undefined space in between the garage and the laundry room is known as the “mudroom.” In theory, it’s a great place for your dirty kids or pets, neither of whom apparently have enough sense not to track mud into the house, to undress from their outdoor activities. The problem is it’s a small space, and it can quickly fill up with muddy shoes, galoshes, winter coats, etc. and become an effective blockade preventing entry to or exit from the garage or laundry room. That’s where the pegboard comes in, but a pegboard alternative like StoreWALL takes it another level. A couple of well-placed panels and its additions become the ideal place for hanging dirty coats, bags, and other items. That frees up the floor space to help clean up Rover before he darts into the living room tracking mud everywhere.

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If You’re in St. Louis, Garage Designs Can Help You Escape the Clutter

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