Garage Cabinets for Hunting Gear and More!

The owner of this home had had it up to his you-know-what with the junk piles collecting in his garage.

An avid hunter, he used the garage as his storage and changing/staging area for his favorite hobby. Over time, the collections of “stuff” became a real eye sore and left little room for cars.

Enter Garage Designs.

  • The first step involved dying, clear coating and polishing the bare concrete floor to warm up the space.
  • All the existing cabinetry was torn out.
  • In its place along the back wall, we installed floor to ceiling cabinets.
  • The melamine cabinets were sized to allow room for cars to pull in the garage,  and they provide ample storage space and keep stuff out of sight.
  • Large storage cabinets designed to accommodate hunting gear now reside next to the gun safe.
  • Opposite corners with windows were surrounded with custom cabinets.
  • A cool feature in this garage – the airplane-grade retractable stairway installed by the previous owner.

Now everything has a place and is tucked away. And the homeowner is off on his next hunt!

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