Garage Storage and Organization System.

storeWALL ™ is created from solid-core, tongue and groove panels that are weather-proof, termite-proof, and available in a variety of designer colors and woodgrains. It’s everything you’ll ever need to organize your home and/or business storage needs.


The Benefits of storeWALL ™ Storage System

With storeWALL™, you are able to create a specific place for everything, so you can take the guessing out of finding a tool. It’s sturdy features allow even the heaviest of objects, like weights and wheelbarrows, to “live” on your wall when not in use.

Organizing with storeWALL™ will save you money. Never again will you have to replace an item you thought was gone, but was merely lost in the clutter. And by keeping things organized, you help prevent accidental damage and prolong the life of expensive tools and equipment.

storeWALL ™ – The Strong & Adaptable Garage Storage Solution

Of all the storage solutions on the market, here’s why storeWALL™ is your best choice:

  • It’s strong enough to hold your heaviest items
  • The durable, waterproof plastic won’t weather or fade
  • It’s safe, using exclusive CamLok™ technology that secures items to the wall
  • The wall-mounted system frees up valuable floor space
  • It’s easy to clean – just wipe it down or hose it off
  • storeWALL™ has modular parts available in multiple finishes

storeWALL ™ Gallery

Why Choose Garage Designs to Organize Your Garage?

That’s easy. Garage Designs has the professionals with years of storeWALL™ experience to make sure the job is done right!

Don’t spend any more time rummaging through piles looking for lost tools or barking up your shins on equipment. Bring some order to your garage (and your life) by installing storeWALL™ storage solutions. You’ll be amazed at how affordable this solution is.

Ready to Organize Your Garage?

If you’re ready to transform your garage, request a free estimate!


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