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Learn How to Build Your Man Cave Garage

Turn your garage into your favorite room in the house

Who says that a man cave has to go in the basement? The hassle of renovating a basement can be huge, and there are often limitations you can’t work around. In the end, you end up with a rec room rather than a true man cave. The better option is to build your man cave in your garage. Not only does this give you more freedom at a lower cost, but it also leaves your basement open for storage/laundry, etc. Follow these steps to make your man cave garage a reality:

  1. Clean the Space: You can’t let your imagination run wild until you see your garage emptied out and cleaned thoroughly. Move as much junk as possible to your basement or shed, and park your car(s) in the driveway for a few weeks.
  2. Insulate: What fun is a man cave garage that makes you shiver or sweat? Insulate the entire space including the floor, walls, ceiling, and garage door. Once you’re done, the space will be a lot more habitable.
  3. Paint the Walls: Your current garage probably has drab, dirty white walls. Give the space a colorful refresh by repainting the walls. You can go with something simple, or create a design/color scheme inspired by your favorite team or hobby.
  4. Install Lighting: A man cave doesn’t have to feel like a cave. Replace the dim lighting currently in your garage with something that illuminates and creates atmosphere. Make sure the lighting is appropriate/adequate for what you want to do in your man cave.
  5. Improve the Flooring: Again, the floor of your man cave doesn’t have to feel like the floor of a cave. Get rid of the stained concrete slab, and replace it with something that is comfortable to walk on and easy to clean. If you really want to get ambitious, you can match your flooring to the rest of your design scheme.
  6. Secure the Space: If your man cave garage is going to features a flat screen TV, video games, alcohol, etc., you’ll want to make sure the space is secure. Make sure that your garage door locks and that any secondary entrances are carefully secured.
  7. Pick Out Furniture: No man cave is complete without a comfy recliner for the king of the cave and a big couch for all of his buddies. Figure out what kind of furniture you need and what kind the space / budget can accommodate.
  8. Add Refrigeration: You don’t want to shuffle to the fridge every time you need a refreshment. Make sure your man cave garage has space and power to accommodate at least a mini refrigerator. If you really want to get ambitious, you can build in a complete bar.
  9. Dress it Up: Once your man cave is ready to host guests, find a way to give the space some character. This is your room after all, and it should reflect your interests and history. If you could decorate the room any way you wanted, what would you put on the walls?

Let Garage Designs Build Your Man Cave Garage

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