How Slatwall Can Save Your Garage & Your Sanity

Slatwall can save your garage

You’ve had enough. The annual chore of cleaning out the garage so you can keep the space usable enough for your cars and all your stuff is exhausting. You’re tired of moving stuff around, selecting stuff to put in a garage sale and all that entails. You need organization. You need Slatwall panels.

Slatwall panels are sturdy and durable.

If you’re going to organize your garage space, the most effective tactic is to get items off the floor. To do that, you’re going to need to install some kind of hanging storage system on your garage walls.

Now you need to decide whether you’re going to go with pegboard, or whether you’re going to step up your garage organization game and install panels. Here are four reasons why Slatwall makes the most sense for your garage re-organization project:

Slatwall helped organize this garage

Pegboard is just particle board with holes punched in it. It chips, flakes, is subject to moisture damage, and generally doesn’t hold up well. Slatwall panels, on the other hand, are made from PVC. They provide you the durability you need to make sure you’re not re-doing this project over and over again.

Slatwall looks good.

In reality, those pegboard sheets are, well, ugly! Yes, you could paint them or decorate them if you want, but that’s an additional project and expense before you even begin to actually clear out your garage floor. Slatwall panels come in multiple color options and when you’re finished, it looks like you have a finished paneled wall installed.

Slatwall is versatile.

Are you really going to try to hang a bike or your lawnmower from your pegboard? Not likely (unless you want to buy a new bike or lawnmower). Slatwall panels are not only durable and sturdy, as mentioned above, but they allow you to store everything from small bits of hardware to large pieces of lawn equipment. Additionally, slatwall shelves can help you store containers and other items that don’t fit easily on hooks.

Slatwall is versatile, just look at these examples

You can easily adjust Slatwall panels.

Let’s face it. You’re not going to stop accumulating stuff. This time next year, you’ll have more things that need storage. With pegboard, you’re looking at a massive shift of every hook to make room for the new stuff. Slatwall panels, however, can slide horizontally to make room for whatever new items you need to get up off the floor.

If you’ve made the decision to get your garage in shape, give Garage Designs of St. Louis a call and let them tell you about the wide variety storewall products they have to offer. They’ll even come out to your home and give you some storage ideas and a free estimate on what it would take to complete the project.

Most importantly, when you work with Garage Designs, you’re working with people who take garage space seriously. It’s all they do. Perry and his team have been helping St. Louis metro area homeowners transform their garages into dream spaces for a long time now. Let them help you, too.

What Are You Waiting For?

 A Guide to Garage Organization & ImprovementFurthermore, if you’re considering a slatwall project to add value to your home, contact us and we can help! Our experienced team serves the St. Louis metro, St. Charles County, and Illinois, and would be happy to brainstorm garage improvement ideas with you.

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