Take Advantage of the Weather and Give Yourself a Winter Garage Makeover.

Winter Garage Makeover GaragDesigns

Winter is the ideal time for many home improvement projects, and a garage renovation is no exception. While it’s easy to imagine why you might want to paint or do other indoor fixes while you’re already stuck inside, there are several practical reasons why it makes good sense to give yourself a winter garage makeover.

Your Garage is Closed for the Winter

Winter Garage Makeover

Except for getting the cars in and out, your garage is basically closed for business once the thermometer starts consistently dipping below freezing. You’re not getting out lawn tools and equipment, you’re not working under the hood, and you’re not tinkering at your work bench when you have to wear a parka to do so. So if you’re going to introduce the chaos of a renovation project to your garage, it makes sense to do it when you don’t have to use the space.

Making Room for Another Car

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One of the benefits of any garage reorganization is the creation of space. Is there a better use for that space than fitting in another vehicle? By making over your garage space, you can put the days of scraping windshields and defrosting your car in the rear-view mirror.


Preparing for Spring With A Winter Garage Makeover

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While winter might seem like it will never end, Spring and warmer temperatures are just a few weeks away…and you want to be ready. By having a winter garage makeover, you’ll make sure that your space is in prime condition when you’re ready to start working out there again. Want more room to work on your cars or at your workbench? Want to be able to get out the lawnmower or that outdoor tool you need without crawling over piles of stuff? A garage renovation can help you achieve those goals.

The Best Deals are in the Winter

There’s no time like the present to save money on garage renovations. Contractors are generally slow during the winter months and are much more willing to offer discounts on their services. They’re also more available, too!

If you’re thinking about making your garage space more efficient, give Garage Designs of St. Louis a call. They’re the proven garage professionals in the St. Louis area and can help you with your garage space needs, from renovation to reorganization. They’ll even come out and give you a free estimate on what they can do with your space!

Don’t wait until it warms up to renovate or reorganize your garage. Then you’ll have plenty of other things to do. Do it now while the weather is frosty and turn your garage into a space you’ll enjoy all year long.

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Brandon Coleman, owner of Garage Designs of St. Louis, brings over a decade of garage transformations and epoxy flooring expertise. A community-focused entrepreneur, he customizes each project to meet unique client needs, ensuring safety, style, and functionality in every space.

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