Turn Your Garage into a “She Shed”

Garage She Shed

Finally! After centuries of men enjoying their own spaces (drawing rooms, libraries and “man-caves“), women have achieved equality in the home with a “she shed”! I know, the name needs some work, but the concept is way past due. Women carving out spaces for themselves to spend some quality “downtime” is an idea that every woman should celebrate.

We’ve seen some innovative ideas for these she sheds.

But we’re not completely sold on the idea that women somehow have to build a structure outside the house to get away. Try telling that to a man. “Want to watch the Super Bowl? Just take you and your friends outside to your cozy little ‘he-hut’ and live it up!” Yeah, we know how that would go over.

If he can gut and remodel the basement to make a “man-cave,” then why shouldn’t we get a space under roof, too? Now I’m not suggesting a custody battle for the basement, or begrudging him his space. If he’s already established his “turf,” let him keep it. Just claim a little bit of space for yourself!

But where? What about the garage? In most houses, that’s seriously underutilized. Plus, it doesn’t require building a new outside structure or major construction. With a few strategic tweaks and a little organization, you can turn your garage into the perfect “she shed”.

Garage She Shed

Here’s how to get the perfect she shed:

  1. Define your purpose. What do you want out of this space? Will it be a workspace for you? Will it be a place where you can do craft projects? Painting? Or maybe you just want a place where you can get away from it all and curl up with a good book. Start your project with the end in mind.
  2. Clean it out. If your garage is like most, it’s become the “catch-all” for everything from lawn and garden tools to Christmas decorations. And it’s probably dirty. Clear out everything that’s non-essential for you building your space (don’t pitch stuff yet, unless it’s truly useless. We’ll get back to what to do with this stuff in a minute). Then get out the broom, hose to pressure wash it if you need to. Get rid of all the oil stains, winter salt, dust and cobwebs that have accumulated over years of neglect. You want your place to be clean!
  3. Go shopping! This is the fun part. You’re going to need just the right furniture and accompaniments to make this space truly your own. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Some great bargains can be found at antique shops and flea markets on items that are exactly what you’re looking for. Make this space you! Set the mood for whatever it is you want to do.
  4. Get some plants. Here’s where you’ll really make your room come alive. There are literally hundreds of varieties of beautiful plants that thrive indoors and in low light. A handful of these plants will add the warmth and calmness you’re seeking.
  5. Organize. Remember all the stuff you cleared out? Chances are you still need some of those things. Where will they go? Unless you’re claiming the entire garage space, you’ll still have plenty of room left over for “practical” storage. If you use your space wisely, you’ll not only have the “she shed” you’ve dreamed of, but you’ll also have a vastly better organized and cleaner garage (something he’ll be happy with, too!)

Garage She Shed

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Brandon Coleman, owner of Garage Designs of St. Louis, brings over a decade of garage transformations and epoxy flooring expertise. A community-focused entrepreneur, he customizes each project to meet unique client needs, ensuring safety, style, and functionality in every space.

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