How To Properly Store All Your Holiday Decor in Your Garage

various christmas decorations displayed on a garage

Location, location, location

Just like in real estate, storing your holiday decor is all about location. It may be tempting to put your Christmas lights and decorations in the abyss of junk that is most modern basements. However, storing your light up reindeers and your ornaments in the basement is really only going to make your life more difficult. Don’t drain the joy out of your holiday season before you’ve even managed to get your Christmas lights untangled.

If you store your decorations in the basement, you’ll have to get them in and out of the basement. This means trips up and down the stairs trying to manhandle heavy boxes and breakable keepsakes. If you’re like most of us, your basement has the unfortunate role of being a bit of a catch all. If you don’t know where to put that salad shooter that your grandpa’s girlfriend gave you for Christmas six years ago, you’ll just toss it in the basement this will make simply finding your decorations a tricky proposition.

 different christmas lights are displayed on a house

Diligent decorators avoid making the basement blunder and store their holiday decorations in the garage. Even if it’s just Christmas lights, you’re going to be decorating the outside of your house. Keeping your decorations in the garage means you don’t have to lug heavy, awkward boxes up and down the steps. Plus, your outdoor decorations are already virtually outside.

Storing your decor in the garage also makes it easy for you to take advantage of even the smallest breaks in the weather. You can take advantage of a warm day and quickly decorate the outside of your house without having to worry about bone chilling cold and losing feeling in your fingers.

Top 11 Ideas To Take The Hassle Out Of Storing Holiday Decorations.

1. Use clear bins so you can clearly see the contents of each container.

2. Tape index cards onto the top or sides of each box to create a big, easily visible label.

3. Cut pieces of cardboard to create dividers within boxes or containers.

4. Save your used egg cartons. They make great holders for ornaments.

5. After the presents are opened, use the discarded wrapping paper as Padding to avoid damaging decorations during storage.

6. It never fails, every year, you see a decoration on sale that you just have to have. After you buy it, you realize, you have one just like it. Keep a decoration notebook. This way, you’ll know what you have and what you need.

7. Use masking tape to make labels indicating exactly where each strand of garland or lights was used. This will make it much easier for you to get your holiday decorating finished next year.

8. It seems almost inevitable; every year someone’s favorite ornament gets broken. If your ornaments won’t fit in an egg carton, keep the boxes they came in. This keeps the ornaments neatly organized and provides them with extra protection.

9. Use skirt hangers to hang all of your holiday linens. This will keep them from becoming a wrinkled chore you dread.

We’ve saved the best for last. It wouldn’t be the holiday season if you weren’t wrestling with strands of tangled lights trying to figure out which bulbs are burned out and which will still shine.

10. When you buy a new strand of lights, immediately check to make sure they work. Then, number the plug. If you number all of your plugs you will create a key to use as a guide when putting lights up next year.

11. Cut a 1 inch slit in each side of a rectangular piece of cardboard. Wind the Christmas lights around the cardboard keeping the wire inside the slit. You can also get away with using a hose reel or wrapping the lights around old wrapping paper tubes.

 garage door slightly opened with snow everywhere

Stay Organized and Jolly This Holiday Season

The great thing about decorating for the holidays is each of us has our own unique decorations and ways of decorating. Our StoreWall Storage System gives you the benefit of creating a one-of-a-kind storage configuration that will keep even the most unique of your decorations safe and easy to access. The versatile mounting system allows you to create shelves of nearly any size and hang even heavy, bulky objects with the peace of mind of knowing it is not going to come tumbling down.

Our custom cabinets are also perfect for taking the hassle out of holiday decorating. The cabinets are made right here in St. Louis. They give you the ability to conveniently store your decorations while making room for everything else you need to keep in your garage.

Take the chaos out of the holiday season and let our team help you find the right solution to keep your garage and life organized.


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